What is Travel Nursing?

By Kriss Standke

Nurses today have the best possible career! Today, with the health care system and population as they are, nurses can find employment any where they want. Today, more than ever, health care workers are in high demand every place on earth! As the need for quality healthcare has grown, a new profession has been created and it's called Travel Nursing.

Today's nurses find Travel Nursing rewarding in many ways. Benefits of being a Travel Nurse are many. Salary is atop the list of great benefits. Hourly rates can be from $20 per hour up to and over $40 per hour! Experience and specialization will also play a big part in the earning potential. Knowing the language spoken in the country of your new job is key and will play a major role in your compensation package.

Travel Nurses are usually given very lavish living quarters and provided with other necessary expenses. This along with the high salary affords Travel Nurses the chance to plan an early retirement! Setting aside your earnings at a rate you could just not achieve working here in the U.S. is reason enough for many to chose the life of a Travel Nurse.

Along with the good pay, other great benefits of Travel Nursing are the medical benefits, 401K plans, Free high quality housing or additional pay should you decide to obtain your own housing, and let's not forget the free travel! See the world, help others, and get paid to do it! What could be better?

So, what does it take to become a Travel Nurse? You will need a degree in nursing, at least one year of nursing experience, and a positive work history.

Travel Nurses are recruited through employment agencies or head hunters. These companies arrange for any needed training and travel expenses. As a result, they seek only qualified and motivated employees. To determine if the job is suited for you, these companies will often do background checks on applicants.

Get your career off on the right track and look into Travel Nursing! If you are feeling stuck and need a change or if you just want more out of your life, consider a career as a Travel Nurse!

This article was written by Kriss Standke who is an accomplished Webmaster and publisher of Nursing Schools Guide, as well as Medical Training Spot where he provides detailed and informative articles, tips, and advice on Nursing Schools, Nursing Jobs, Online Nursing Schools and More.

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